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On a related topic:
I am having trouble with audio streaming Pandora thru my Iphone. I can Bluetooth my phone calls with no problem. I can play tunes thru the USB on my Ipod. But the 2012 Volt does NOT have MyLink, so when I manually plug my Iphone into the USB, I get a "does not support this media" message. I have heard of some suggestions about an audio streaming device but these devices appear to have a male audio type lead, so not sure where I would plug that in for my Volt. Audio strike ONE with the 2012 Volt.

I want to try this option because Sirius is killing me with their yearly satelite phone charge and I pay only $4 for Pandora. When I called Sirius they told me that the 2012 Volt satelite radio does not support the Sirius option of creating an ala carte station. So now I have over 150 stations, most of which I do not use. Audio strike TWO with the 2012 Volt.

Any suggestions? Thx. Pablo
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