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Question WHAT???!!! Coolant System Service $485 - Trans System Service $190 ???

My 2014 Volt with slightly less than 50K miles was just serviced earlier this week for a recall...all went well.

When checking out, I talked with the service adviser about two entries on my service report that were listed under the heading, "Services Recommended": They were titled as follows: VOLTEC coolant system service $495 (estimate) ;
VOLTEC trans system service $189.95 (estimate).

Being late for an appointment, I had to run so these entries were not discussed.

Today, I searched the web for any info on the necessity and/or costs others had been faced with for these services. Surprisingly, I found very little. I got a couple of hits on a cooling system flush that averaged $150 or so. Found nothing on the tranny flush.

I did find a GM Fleet and Commercial web site that had a "TECH TIPS" sheet that was titled: VOLT Scheduled Maintenance (listed all scheduled maintenance required). Found no mention of tranny service requirements...but did find an entry on cooling system: "Every 150,000 MI OR 5 Years: Engine drive belt inspection. Replace if needed. (and) Cooling systems - drain, flush, refill"

The Volt Owner Manual, section 11, Maintenance Schedule, essentially repeats the above: "Drain and fill engine, power electronics, and high voltage battery cooling systems" , "Every 150,000 MI OR 5 Years", still with no mention of tranny...unless the Electric Drive Unit is the tranny....makes sense... so "electric drive unit fluid" is the transmission fluid, in which case, the fluid and filter are supposed to be changed at the 97,500 mile mark.

So, to all who have Volts approaching or exceeding 50K miles (or are 5 years old or older); has your Volt been through any of the services discussed above?

If so, what were you charged for same?

If not, have you been advised that these services are necessary? Any estimates?

Anybody done these changes by themselves?

Any response is much appreciated.


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