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gori 12-28-2015 02:10 PM

Service Parking Brake Message

Over the course of a couple months, the "Service Parking Brake" message would appear intermittently and then go away, I didn't think too much of the problem because the brake still worked on the rare occasion I needed to use it.

About a couple weeks ago, the "Service Parking Brake" is now always "On" and the parking brake no longer works.

Has anyone else seen this issue or have thoughts around what I should check? I called Chevy and they haven't seen this on a Volt and have no idea what it may be but they may just be trying to get me to bring it in. They are charging $107 for the diagnostic plus the fee for repair, whatever that may be.

Appreciate the help!

sduck 12-29-2015 09:31 PM

Of course they can't diagnose it over the phone. Just as a bunch of strangers can't diagnose it over the internet - there're a lot of parts/systems involved in this. Maybe someone has some experience with this (I don't) - you might try asking (or searching) over on the other more active forum - http://*************/forum/forum.php (which apparently i can't post a direct link to, but googling gm-volt forum should turn it up) - but I suspect you'll still have to take it to the dealer (or some other shop). If it were me I'd get it fixed asap.

gori 12-29-2015 11:19 PM

sduck.....that's ridiculous that you think they (dealer or people) can't diagnose over the phone or must be new to this and not in many forums where folks provide feedback on there experience. Of course those same forums have folks like you as well.

After calling a couple different dealers, they did provide some feedback on things to review but all of the items they suggested were good. Also, tried calling non-gm shops and they can't troubleshoot it so it looks like the dealer may be the end cause.

Not sure why I'd want to get it fixed ASAP other than the annoying light on the dash. I'm actually not one bit concerned with it as I have only used the e-brake 2-3 times max....other than that, I've never had a need for it. This function has nothing to do with my normal braking as the brake lines are functioning as expected.

I suspect its the module for the Service Brake that needs to be replaced. Need to figure out where that is and how to get access to it.

gm-volt didn't have much info either from my initial search...perhaps i can post there and look for more helpful feedback.

Appreciate all the help.

sduck 12-30-2015 09:44 PM

Hmm, perhaps we're using slightly different usages of the word diagnose. No problem.

And yes, perhaps it's not as critical for others to get it fixed. In my case, I live on a hill, and often park on hills, so it makes me feel a lot safer having it engaged.

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